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Baby blanket I am making for my son’s teacher, who is due back from maternity leave next month. I’m not sure how much bigger to make it – it’s about 32 inches square before blocking. Does anyone prewash their baby/cotton items in Woolite or Dreft? I’m also trying to figure out how to finish the edges, I don’t know if a picot or shell would be too much, considering it’s five colors, including the variegated.


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Christmas scarves

I’ve got two in the works, hoping to have something ready for holiday gifts.

One is from Rita Weiss’ “24 Hour Crochet Projects” which is just a simple sc, ch 1 in alternating rows. The book shows it in a multi stripe, but since it’s an easy stitch I’m using Bernat Softee Baby in a pastel rainbow variegated (#31415 Candy Baby) and I don’t know if it’s just luck, but I’m getting a great pattern of large diamonds running up the center. When my fakakte scanner is back up, I’ll add the pictures…

The second I’m also very happy with. It’s the shell scarf from Bev’s Country Cottage. If you’re not familiar with her site, please check it out – she has a multitude of charity cap and blanket patterns, hospital items to make, and many other handcrafts including knit and cross-stitch. Her patterns are always pretty, and so far very easy for a novice like myself. Often, when I’m browsing or googling for a type of pattern, I’ll end up there again and again.

My purple one-skein chenille scarf looks like a big dook, even after the cabbage-beet-grape juice (yum!) bath. I have a few ends to weave in and then I’ll wash it out again and fabric-soften the heck out of it. I made it with a big hook, so it’s very open, but it wraps my neck twice with a lot of extra length left over. It will be functional, at least to wear to the bus stop in the cold weather.

I also made a quickie wreath-shaped xmas ornament with some old green yarn by sc around the edge of a plastic milk bottle ring and increasing for two rows to make it ruffly. I’m totally happy to recycle and NOT end up at the craft store; it’s ridiculous how easily I lose my mind and begin “stockpiling” when I get in there. Not that there’s anything wrong with that ; )

Speaking of Christmas, does anyone have a good idea for a skein each of red, green and white worsted that all have a silver strand running through them? I feel like I’ve had them forever, and each year, I think “yes, I really should use those” – and my mind goes blank. If someone comments with a nice link or something I can actually make before the 25th, I’ll send you my extra copy of the ’07 spring issue of Crochet Today that I bought a duplicate of recently. Note: I just checked my stash; the red and green are Caron Christmas Glitter, but look quite a few years old. The white is Jamie baby from the same era but the strand on this one is pearl, not silver.

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Growing the Snake

New toy made at the request of my 3 year old; he’s very happy with it so far. I’ve sewn in the eyes and tongue, and have been stuffing it as I go.

The whole thing is crocheted in the round, pattern from Yarncat. I originally saw it at Dot’s Crochet a few months ago.


I’m trying to keep it a little soft and mushy so he can bend it. I could probably still manage to get some armature wire or pipe cleaners in there to shape it. That’s a stitch marker behind the head, it’s supposed to go on for 100 rounds. We’ll see. I’ll work on 5 or 6 rows before I get bored and put it down for a (too) long while. On the upside though, I did just find out that I can single crochet -in the dark- at the movies!

I love the way the variegated is making a spiral camoflauge pattern. The yarn is Red Heart super saver in “Sage Mary”. I may change the face, possibly move the eyes down and add a goofy smile.

He wants me to make him a dragon after this.



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No Sibling Ravelry here…

Ravelry's organizer featureRavelry – a “knit and crochet community”, looks like a LOT of fun. The way I see it, it’s going to be a mashup of Myspace, Flickr, and a personal online organizer. Wowza! I am such a sucker for things like this; thank god it’s not a paid site. It’s in beta testing right now, so all you can see are screenshots, but the interface looks fantastic. I signed up to join when it’s released – I just hope it’s soon.

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Kuler = Cooler Color


Not directly crochet related but definitely of interest to anyone planning a color scheme for a project. Follow the link above and choose from different “rules” such as Analogous, Complementary, etc and play with the colors until you make a scheme you like. The combinations are endless! Browse other themes by popularity or rating. With names ranging from Japanese Garden and Cherry Cheesecake to Watermelon Stomp and Tech Office, you’ll no doubt be inspired by the creative input of other users. Register to save and publish your palettes, as well as download them for use in several Adobe software packages such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

I’m starting a ripple afghan this week and I’m definitely going to try this along with the random stripe generator at Kiss Your Shadow.

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All was well in Sanibel

A work in progress, it’s a shawl I started while I was on vacation. Whatever posessed me to start a woolen garment while in the warmth sunny Florida, I don’t know. Maybe to prepare for coming home to the chill of NJ. Seeing that winter is well upon us and it’s still not finished (!), I figured posting it here would hold me accountable to finish it soon.

It’s Berroco in salt and pepper tweed, a washable wool blend. Honestly, I only chose it for this project because I bought 11 skeins (ebay again) and thought I could use most of it. It’s my largest/most ambitious item to date. Plus I was excited to try this cute rosewood hook from Laci’s, it’s got some decorative turning on the end and looks impressive…

The pattern is “my own” (woohoo, a designer is me!). It’s just a double crochet with decreases on each side, started from the widest part. The dc means it’s kind of open, especially for winter wear, so it’s probably better suited for fall. The yarn is a blend of wool, acrylic and a little cotton and nylon. I’m not sure if it’s the fiber or the shellac on the hook, but there’s this little squeaking friction thing happening when the yarn passes over the neck of the hook where it begins to slope. That’s probably what’s delaying me, I can’t seem to work on this for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. But since the rows are getting shorter, it’s progressing faster, and that encourages me.

Also in the works, a hemp twine soap saver/scrubby, a gold and silver tiara for a gift, and a Jets team cap. Right now I have a three year old who wants to play rock and roll hairdresser, a stitched up german shepard who’s wearing a big plastic cone, and a house in desperate need of de-cluttering. I’m gonna close my eyes and dream of the beach for a few moments….

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Small Bag to Be

Hemp Bag with Addi Turbo

Originally uploaded by jchinique.

Made with jewelry hemp and one of the new Addi Turbo hooks I received from eBay, thank goodness for the plastic handle…
Still trying to make a clutch-style purse, this one in the round. It’s twisting like crazy, I’m wondering how you block hemp.

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