Craft Show Redux

This is not a tall tale. This is the story of a woman on a mission. To make, create, birth something, anything until it is fully formed and complete. The saga is useless unless you know the secret: It can be done. Try me.

Eleven hours and seven cups of coffee after a week off and voila – this girl is on fire!!!! My regular job is in education, so in the summer I sell doodads to keen folk at fairs and shows. I haven’t been doing it long, nor have I invested heavily in it. I tend to get discouraged by low sales and fabulous-er booths. But my antennae get tingly when I see something that gives me an idea to make something fun and pretty for other people.

(Pinterest break)

By Pinterest-Anti-Christ (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Addictive, no?

I’m working my way from the stairs to the basement wall by picking up a craft supply and making something with it. A stash diet is in order. When did I get to the point that buying something makes me feel creative? “Ooh, I definitely can see myself using this xyz thing to make a dimblyzwot!” It might not make it out of the bag before walking the green mile down the steps to meet its dazed companions, waiting to be something. It’s a little gut-wrenching to face the hoard. (45 minute sidebar to look at hairstyle pix and upload a makeover shot) Face this.

There is a reason this pic is very small. Do not look directly at the woman behind the artisan.


I’ve applied to the Asbury Fresh artisan market, held Sundays during the summer. I’m choking on the table fee (however low compared to others I wanted to attend!), but I’m looking forward to the energy of the town. This year for Mother’s Day, my husband planned an outing to Hot Sand (worthy plug!), a diy glassblowing shop where you can watch or participate, for me to make a keepsake and have a heck of a time. Look at my fabu egg! Excited to stroll the avenue and check the trendy antique places while they scouted food at Berber King after, I soon surmised some artsy-mom-alone-time came with the gift. I relished.

She blew it!

My beautiful bauble that I started and finished and the everchanging pursuit I hope I never do. I’m one of the lucky ones.


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