Friday Favorites on a Tuesday Afternoon

Art, crochet and craft spaces I’ve found interesting lately:

favorited 11/09

1. Dviese (together)., 2. NaperonTabuleiro, 3. Regata com croche, 4. more organizing, 5. Gargantilha rosas, 6. Inhaler Holder (Inhalatorhoesje), 7. MY CRAFT BOX, 8. Frenzy Scarf, 9. jersey niño ganchillo, 10. Porta Canetas Trapilho, 11. Mushrooms, 12. crochet trims on pillowcases…, 13. chaqueta niña ganchillo multicolor, 14. Granny Squares Stool, 15. Out into the Garden we go again!, 16. Crochet chenille hat, 17. Divine hat back, 18. my mochi plus rainbow, 19. Not sure yet if I like this hat…., 20. Curve of pursuit, 21. wool eater, 22. my studio from both sides, 23. Stuffy Love, 24. Yellow Wide Bottom Crochet Purse 1, 25. circles done! (C365:234) [Sept 16, 08], 26. Crochet experiments, 27. Little Crochet Baskets, 28. crocheted bracelets, 29. crochet corn, 30. 4 Crochet Snowflakes

Mosaic maker courtesy of Big Huge Labs/FD’s flickr toys.


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