Notes and a Meme

I have something like 12 drafts of blog posts waiting to be finished up or edited, so I thought I’d throw in something quick to get me in writing mode again.

I’ve been listening to a few crochet and fiber podcasts – they are hard to keep up with and slowly taking over my hard drive! If anyone knows any good gems (or dogs) let me know so I can cull my iTunes list. I got this meme from a mention on the Yarn Thing Podcast. They’re not strictly crochet but I listened to a few episodes and they are a fun bunch of gals who giggle a lot and have some really interesting content.

You are Fozzie Bear.
You are caring and love your friends as if they were family. For only they will put up with your stupid jokes.
FAVORITE AUTHOR:Gags Beasley, comedy writer
HOBBIES:Telling jokes, dodging tomatoes
QUOTE:”Why did the chicken cross the road?”
NEVER LEAVES HOME WITHOUT:His joybuzzer, his whoopee cushion and Clyde, the rubber chicken.

Take this quiz!

Since I seem to swing back and forth from calm and sweet Kermit to wild-n-crazy Animal, Fozzy is fitting, but a bit surprising to me. A fun cute quiz if you ever liked the Muppet Show…

I’ve been on Ravelry a lot lately, checking out the patterns and participating in a few groups. My finished projects are migrating there too. Do check it out and get thee on the invite list, the place is amazing.

I hope to have a real post soon (with pics)…Thanks for stopping by!


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