June 3rd is National Cancer Survivor’s Day


A lot of us who crochet like to give our treasures as gifts to family and friends, some also donate their creations to charities. There are hundreds, if not thousands of large and small groups who make, collect and distribute to those in need. It’s very easy to get involved, and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing you did something constructive for a good cause.

Project Linus was started in 1995 after a Parade magazine article featuring the photo of a young cancer patient clutching a blanket spurred Colorado resident Karen Loucks Rinedollar to begin making blankets for her local children’s hospital. It is named after the “Peanuts” cartoon character by Charles Schultz (who actually coined the term “security blanket”), and has chapters all across the United States and abroad. The organization provides handmade blankets of all types to children who are ill or in need.

If you’re interested in crocheting “Chemo Caps” – soft, comfortable and attractive (or sometimes funny and p’d off, like Sharon Osborne’s) hats that some cancer patients wear when they lose their hair due to the rigors of chemotherapy – Bev’s Country Cottage has pages of patterns, including knit, crochet and sewing, for you to choose from. She also has patterns and links to pink ribbon items to make supporting breast cancer awareness.

The Breast Cancer Site, which funds free mammograms for underpriveledged women, is aiming for 6 million clicks this month. If they reach their goal, they will receive an additional $20,000 in sponsor funding. I subscribe their daily email reminders and try to click every day. You’ll get a free pink ribbon pin if you decide to sign up, and they also have buttons that you can use for your site, blog, or email signature (mine’s on the right if you scroll down) . Click this link to help:
Fund Free Mammograms @ The Breast Cancer Site

Lion Brand has a full page of pattern links, as well as an extensive database of organizations that accept donations of goods and yarn. It’s searchable by keyword, zip code or organization name. It’s a great resource if your knit or crochet group is looking to make a donation.

Whether you make booties or grannies or afghans or hats, just for today, think of how a caring crafter may have comforted or raised the spirits of a cancer patient. We have a lot of opportunities in life, and sometimes the smallest thing we do can mean the world to another.



  1. Amie said

    I like this square! It’s cute.

  2. jchinique said

    I love it too. You can get the pattern from Karp Styles by clicking the photo to get there.

  3. Maven said

    I love the heart motif/granny. Is it worked as one unit, or was the heart appliqued onto it after? Very cute!

  4. deb said

    It’s kind of worked as one, like when you do a 3-d flower in the center of a square, The beginning of the granny is worked into the stitches on the back of the heart. Which is a plus to me – I am definitely a fan of anything not including extra sewing :)

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