Stripes The Long Eared Bunny

Is he or isn’t he?
Is He or Isn’t He?

So I picked up my first Rachael Ray magazine last night. My husband and I used to enjoy her old $40 a Day show way back when. (Yeah, we’re cool, we were into her before she sold out and went mainstream, man.) I’ve always thought she was a bit too “chummy”, like your goofy friend that the boys make fun of but secretly like. But hey, that happens to everyone, right? No? Well, nevermind then…I know she’s quite in vogue these days with all the tv and the Oprah and I’ve read the amusing net backlash as well. (“Raytard”. Enough said.) I only bought the issue because cooking is not my forté and I’ve been hearing that a lot of her recipes are simple, and, for lack of a better term, man-pleasing. Superbowl steak sandwiches. Chili. She wrote a book called Guy Food, for goodnes sake, And since my beloved will barely eat what I do prepare, I thought she deserved a chance.

Enough of the backstory. I’m surveying the mag after a late night grocery trip and finding nothing simple nor manpleasing. Since it’s a bit of a lifestyle magazine as well, there are cute tablesettings and household tips and such. I reach the “Everyday Faves” section, which showcases the current must-haves in fashion and home items. And what to my wandering eyes should appear? A forlorn little bunny with floppy striped ears! As surprised as I was to see crocheted toys advertised in a hip mainstream magazine, I was immediately saddened by a mental picture of the poor sweatshop workers having to mass produce them. It looks like all single crochet with color changes every three rows…I get a blister just thinking about it.

I halfheartedly closed my new useless recipe book and dragged the kids to bed alongside my sickly (and possibly malnourished) husband and fell asleep without further thought about cooking or sweatshops. So, imagine my surprise this afternoon while surfing some blogs when I saw this post pointing to a “cute, snuggly knitted bunny”. I know there is enough polarization in the fiber community, and may the great Skein in the Sky forgive me if I am wrong, but I do not believe in my heart of hearts that this animal is knit.

Rachael’s got it listed for sale at, a site which gives no indication of the thing’s construction. A quick google reveals he’s (and let’s call him he for the sake of argument, shall we? I’m sure no one is questioning the gender of a stuffed toy) made by Schylling and sold by dozens of progressive Ikea type boutiques online. Some sites, including Amazon, say he’s knitted, while others have been saved by the don’t ask, don’t tell policy popularized by today’s military. Notice also that he can be “long eared” or “long earred”, which only serves to add more fire to the stew. Though what really caught my attention was the total lack of copywriting originality. Each site seemed to be remixing each others’ descriptions like I did when I copied my term paper out of an encyclopedia in the 7th grade.

Down and Dirty in the trenches

Listen, I know it’s tough enough to crochet in a world that caters to knitters, so let’s set the record straight if we can.

By passing over all the rhetoric, maybe we can out this bunny and bring a peace unto a nation of crafters.

Perhaps it’s true, by Stripes we can all be healed.



  1. geckogrrl said

    It’s amazing that the website you pointed to says ‘knitted’, but I see that a lot in the high-end baby boutiques. Anything that is made of yarn is considered knitted I guess. It’s ironic (and a little sad) that these toys are becoming so cool and hip yet no one will own up to the fact that they are crocheted. Being an ambi-crafter, I have to say that it’s important to recognize the beauty of each. It’s also sad that they sell for about $35 in the stores here and probably someone in Peru or China only got paid $1 for their labor.

    Thanks for this really witty and eye (or should it be hook?)-opening post!

  2. jchinique said

    I like your word “ambi-crafter”. I tried knitting for a bit while I was learning to crochet, but found out I could only manage to learn one craft at a time. I’ve also met with local knitters at a “stitch and bitch” type gathering, and found a lot of overlap and no bias. I like to think it’s a chocolate or vanilla type thing. They’re both “yummo” (sorry Rach) and we all have our preferences, but which one would be described as “rich and indulgent” in a tv ad? Likewise a “soft and luxurious” sweater certainly wouldn’t bring to mind a crocheted garment for most people.
    Craftgossip had a good article yesterday about division and lack of crochet supplies in yarn shops. And check out all the sponsored links you’ll get if you google “crochet handbags”. That’s a lot of exploitation. Check out for updates on some of those issues.

    I think by commenting and blogging on the crafts we love, we are helping to popularize and bring legitamacy to the whole art. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. geckogrrl said

    No problem! Thanks for the info on craftgossip! In my SnB group it;s the crocheters who are much more willing to explore both crafts generally, but we’ve gotten a few knitters crocheting too! =)

  4. Jase said

    Wow, I’m impressed with your thought and research on this topic. Thanks for spreading the word!

  5. Amie said

    You cracked me up when you said that comment about the term paper.

    I was in Old Navy last month and they were pimping several tops they called, “Crocheted.” I pulled out my pen from my purse and crossed it out and wrote, “Knitted.” I thought perhaps they’d want to know they were selling something that wasn’t exactly accurate. It made me laugh, anyways.

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  7. L Swim said

    This is really funny, because I just saw this cute bunny on a toy website as a “new item” . . . and wondered if anyone had come up with a crochet pattern for him yet . . . Because, duh, he’s crocheted! Well, maybe I’m wrong, but thanks for your thoughts because it’s nice to know I’m not the only one amazed to see a crochet toy get some coverage!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  8. jchinique said

    @L Swim,
    Thanks for your kind comments, I hope to bring more of teh funny soon :)

  9. Halo Golden said

    i would love to see a pattern for him! i don’t even care about the stripes; i just love the shape of him. i’ve been looking for something like this to make for my little girl, but i’m having a hard time finding one that i like as much as this guy.

    my grandmother taught me to crochet YEARS ago, and i’ve only recently picked up the knitting bug.

  10. S Hall said

    I had a friend bring me a pattern from a craft magazine for a bunny EXACTLY like this! I’ve lost the pattern, she can’t remember the name of the magazine and I have been searching like crazy online trying to find him…that’s how I stumbled on this site…So…if anyone finds/creates a pattern and is willing to share, I would love it. I have 4 neices I would like to make it for, i do not sell them so if you create and sell crochet merchandise, I will definitley not be a competitor!

    I recently crocheted some toys/blankets for family members, trying to save money and give gifts from the heart at Christmas. I was tentative about giving them, fearing they would not be well received by little ones, but they litterally jumped, squeeled and gave abundant hugs, they were only 2 and 3 yrs old…gives me hope and inspiration :-)

  11. sunshine said

    it is crocheted we found one at a thrift store yesterday for 50 cents my daughter wants to make a few of them and is using it as her pattern. defiantly crochet

  12. sunshine said

    he would be easy to make in knitting too
    I was debating on it yesterday when my daughter said she wanted to make him in crochet if I could make him in knit

    • deb said

      I’ve always envied people who could make their own patterns – I’d love to see a picture of what you or your daughter create!

  13. mita said

    For those of you looking of a very similar pattern to this all too cute “crocheted” bunny here is a website that has the pattern for free. Enjoy and happy crocheting!

  14. Stripes The Long Earred Bunny…

    […] pularize and bring legitamacy to the whole art. Thank you so much for stopping b […]…

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    wonderful read and I actually ended up being truly satisfied to read it.
    Thanks for your effort,Jacob

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