All was well in Sanibel

A work in progress, it’s a shawl I started while I was on vacation. Whatever posessed me to start a woolen garment while in the warmth sunny Florida, I don’t know. Maybe to prepare for coming home to the chill of NJ. Seeing that winter is well upon us and it’s still not finished (!), I figured posting it here would hold me accountable to finish it soon.

It’s Berroco in salt and pepper tweed, a washable wool blend. Honestly, I only chose it for this project because I bought 11 skeins (ebay again) and thought I could use most of it. It’s my largest/most ambitious item to date. Plus I was excited to try this cute rosewood hook from Laci’s, it’s got some decorative turning on the end and looks impressive…

The pattern is “my own” (woohoo, a designer is me!). It’s just a double crochet with decreases on each side, started from the widest part. The dc means it’s kind of open, especially for winter wear, so it’s probably better suited for fall. The yarn is a blend of wool, acrylic and a little cotton and nylon. I’m not sure if it’s the fiber or the shellac on the hook, but there’s this little squeaking friction thing happening when the yarn passes over the neck of the hook where it begins to slope. That’s probably what’s delaying me, I can’t seem to work on this for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. But since the rows are getting shorter, it’s progressing faster, and that encourages me.

Also in the works, a hemp twine soap saver/scrubby, a gold and silver tiara for a gift, and a Jets team cap. Right now I have a three year old who wants to play rock and roll hairdresser, a stitched up german shepard who’s wearing a big plastic cone, and a house in desperate need of de-cluttering. I’m gonna close my eyes and dream of the beach for a few moments….


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