A Finished project? Impossi-ball!

Ribbon Yarn Balls

Unfortunately it was started this morning (as I looked at growing pile of UFO’s with a sigh.) All of my other projects still sit, staring at me with sad, imagined faces sobbing “Please, don’t forget about us! It’s been so loooong…”
I was sitting here drinking cup of coffee #3 wishing I had a pretty coaster to keep those dang rings off of my -ahem, extremely neat and organized- piles of notes. I googled up some easy patterns, and rested on this.

With no pretty worsted or baby cotton that would resist staining in sight, I turned to other stashy bits in my typical “I’ll do it my OWN way” fashion. I don’t know where this bag of ribbon came from, except that there was a time (and I only remember it in bits and pieces, like a strange dream) that I was getting 4 or 5 deliveries a week of cheap odd-lot boxes bid from eBay. One orphan bag contained these, which I originally thought were some novelty ribbon yarn lefovers. But now I really believe that someone had some old cheap stripey fabrics and decided it would be fun to tear them down into 1/4″ strips, sort them into color families, then tie them together and make tiny 3 yard balls of rag.

I would do it, for a project. So I understand.

My DIY synapses firing away, I noted that the F hook called for in the pattern would not be making an appearance today, and the G, H, I and J Susan Bates Silvalumes would have to sit it out as well; mighty K would dance this mess around.
I’m thinking going up 5 hook sizes in a 9-round pattern might make a *bit* of a difference, and, being me, I happily (haplessly?) plunge ahead.

I try to pick the right size balls in the colors I want, estimating the length of each to minimize waste (yes, I wouldn’t want to have to snip off any of this treasure! Luxurious, .004 cent-a-yard, free-with-waste-yarn purchase, oh no.) All is working well, just a simple flat circle pattern with regular increases, and K-hook is workin it, girl! Except. Except that I am just over halfway through the pattern and it appears that maximum coaster size has been reached.

I haven’t even reached my first color change yet. But that’s okay, I’ll just finish off this ball and do a round of the next. And edge it. Right.

Oooh, but the colors are looking so pretty together. My grind-ahead gears are smoking now and I realize I won’t have enough of this pinky orange yellow to do the edging stitch. Oh, and did I mention I have to crochet one whole section ahead because my estimator switch was broken and I want to use up this color and I have NO idea what I would do if I had to cut off seven whole inches of torn-up fabric. Yes, I know, travesty.

I continue on in a lovely green and blue, and I’m loving the combination so much I don’t really care about the coaster anyway. This is becoming something WAY cooler. Why, it almost looks like a potholder! Well, yeah except for those hundreds of tiny threads sticking out in all directions yelling “Fire! Come and get me, woo hoo!” No.

A HOT PAD! Yes, for those lazy summer days when I’ll need to protect the future picnic table from some type of scorching hot bowl of refreshment. I can see it. I have a very vivid imagination. I relax.

Now to finish the green. On cue, I realize that my extra “addition” will now throw off my count for the spacing on the shell-type edging. And my enthusiasm is waning – I really don’t feel like re-figuring the numbers. It really looks good and I glance at how much green I have and decide to do some kind of SC/ch1/skip the rest of the way around.

FO LandedFiesta Potholder

Aside from some buckling that I think I can cure with a little blocking and a steam iron (don’t miss THAT exciting chapter!), I really do like it. And I’m pleased with myself for finishing something. The coaster idea is in the pokey for now (I think that’s a horse/barn reference, amidst all the other dazed metaphors roaming around here…) but I’m energized ( I mean, look at those colors!) and I’ve got a great high from the motivation. I love the feeling you get when you take an idea and just run with it. This is exactly what I needed.



  1. dianne said

    Debbie, Everything looks great!! The bag is adorable!! Ribbon yarn looks really pretty. Is that hard to work with? The hot pads are so bright and colorful!

  2. Joyce said

    Debbie I love the colors on the hot pad and your other work looks great too. If you get tired of crocheting get into writing. I really enjoyed your article on the coaster alais hot pad.

  3. Debbie said

    Thank you Dianne and Joyce, I appreciate the comments. I’ve been so busy NOT posting, but have managed to crochet a few things here and there. And writer is one of my many imaginary jobs, with “Mom” being the real one. :)

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